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Benson Liu

Hi Joyce,

I have had a look and the problems are with the spatial distribution of rainfall and the inflow hydrograph. On the line where you input the parameters for the storm (the line “1,11,1,1,0, -99”) you have specified a uniform spatial pattern. If there is a uniform spatial pattern and only 1 pluvio, then the rainfall totals and pluvio reference numbers need to be removed for RORB to run. The start and end times of the hydrograph data also need to be 0,10 not 0,11.

I have also noticed that you are running RORB in a fit run. While you can use a fit run if you wish, in general RORB is run using a design run as this give you more control over the loss values being applied. Hopefully fixing the above solves your problem, if not can you send me an email with the relevant files? My email is benson.liu@dev7.preflight.com.au.

Kind regards,