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Matt Scorah

I did not realize .CATG files were not allow either (we should address that!)

In your .catg file Node 120 is defined as Code 7.1 – functionally, 7.2 and 7.1 are identical with the exception that 7.2 does not require an input hydrograph, whereas 7.1 does. The typical intent is that a model will be calibrated with a series of gauged streamflow hydrographs entered into the model as 7.1s, and the calibrated parameters can then be used in design (where there are no gauged hydrographs to calibrate to) by simply changing the 7.1s to 7.2.

If you simply want an output hydrograph at a location with no division of the catchment into inter-station areas then you use the Code 7 (Print Calculated Discharge) option. I have attached a screenshot.

I hope this helps!

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