Rocianne Bortolazzo Pinto


Rocianne joined HARC in 2018 and is currently finalizing her Masters of Engineering (Environment) at the University of Melbourne. As part of her study at the University of Melbourne, she has undertaken research into the evaluation of AWRA-L streamflow results for an arid catchment in South Australia. Rocianne has a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering from the Federal University of Parana, Brazil, where the focus of her thesis was the implementation of the water quality model SisBahia in order to study the impact of the waste water contamination from the city of Paranagua in the water quality of Paranagua Bay, Brazil.

Prior to moving to Australia, Rocianne began her work experience in the water industry in Brazil as part of the hydrology team at the Institute of Technology for Development. There she gained experience in the implementation of hydrologic and hydrodynamic models, development of consistency analysis of hydrological variables, and in ArcGIS.