Brad Neal

Principal Water Resources Engineer

Brad Neal is a senior water resource planner and modeller with extensive experience in hydrology, REALM and Source modelling, statistical analysis, short- and long-term water resource planning, and environmental flow hydrology.

He was the lead author of the State of Victoria’s Guidelines for Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Water Availability in Victoria, and contributed to the development of the State Government’s climate and hydrology research program.  He prepared the Guidelines for Selecting High Quality Streamflow Gauges as part of the Bureau of Meteorology’s identification of Hydrologic Reference Stations, and has made extensive contributions to the preparation of Drought Preparedness Plans, long-term Urban Water Strategies, regional Sustainable Water Strategies and the assessment of historical changes to water resource condition for the Long-Term Water Resources Audit.

He co-authored a position paper for Engineers Australia on drought, an occasional paper on urban water planning for the Water Services Association of Australia, and was a contributing author to the update of the FLOWS method for developing environmental flow recommendations in Victoria.

Brad has undertaken or contributed to independent water resource modelling reviews for Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and South-East Queensland, as well as national and international reviews of water resource modelling and planning activities.