Edward Funnell

Senior Flood Modeller

Edward is a Chartered Civil Engineer with over 13 years’ experience in the fields of hydrology, hydraulic modelling and dam safety risk assessments.  During his career Edward has worked on a vast range of national and international projects for both private and public-sector clients in Australia, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.  Edward has experience working with a range of legislation, guidance, data availability, governing bodies and stakeholders. This experience has enabled him to develop a versatile approach to solving problems.

Edward has proficient skills in the field of hydrology and hydrological modelling that complement his skills in hydraulic modelling and consequence assessments.  Edward has managed a number of dambreak modelling and consequence assessments that utilised RCEM and HEC-LifeSim for PLL estimation.  Edward is a very proficient project manager and has recently delivered consequence assessments utilising HEC-LifeSim for a range of dams in Australia including Warragamba Dam, Burdekin Falls dam and North Pine Dam.