Richard Mannix

Senior Engineer - Risk & Hydrology

Richard is a Senior Hydrologist with over 13 years’ experience in the fields of flood hydrology, dam safety, water resources and infrastructure risk management. He has both private and public sector experience including seven years managing the dam safety emergency and dam flood operations planning functions at Southern Rural Water.

During his career Richard has worked on a wide range of projects involving State and nationally significant hydrometeorological, hydro-power and large dams’ portfolios in Victoria, the ACT, NSW and Queensland. This has included delivering dam safety emergency planning, dam and operational risk assessments and risk reduction investigations for several of Australia’s largest and most complex dams.

Richard has also led the design, implementation and operation of regional scale flood monitoring, forecasting and warning systems and has directed dam flood operations planning for both gated and non-gated dams to address regulatory and stakeholder needs.

Richard has hands-on water infrastructure emergency response experience and has successfully designed, implemented, maintained and test-exercised all-hazards emergency risk and business continuity management frameworks and plans.

He has a keen interest in how natural, engineered and human systems come together to support improved community outcomes and has imparted his expertise in this area to postgraduate civil engineering students at Monash University where he has delivered guest lectures on the topic of Operational Flood Hydrology since 2020.