HARC is delighted to be delivering the flood hydrology component of the Bruce Highway Link Flood Study, as a subconsultant to AECOM. The study will assess the flood immunity, time of closure and economic impacts for more than 500 crossings along the 1677 km length of the Bruce Highway, which is Queensland’s primary road transport route between Brisbane and Cairns. HARC are delivering the hydrology for the project, with hydraulic modelling and creation of a decision support tool to be undertaken by the lead consultant, AECOM. HARC are developing and will apply an innovative continuous simulation approach to calculate flood hydrographs, at hourly resolution, for all events over an 80+ year period at each of the crossings. This will allow assessment of the impact of flooding on closure of the highway for individual crossings. An important feature of the continuous simulation method and decision support tool is that it will also allow the flood immunity and time of closure to be assessed for each of the highway links between the towns along the Bruce Highway, with each link potentially affected by flooding at multiple crossings.