We are proud to announce that HARC is now the custodian of RORBwin and MiRORB.  As of May 2015, Jacobs has transferred its share of ownership in RORBwin and MiRORB and we have accepted the responsibility of providing public access to the software.

In this time of transition, it is pleasing to acknowledge the original authors of RORB, Professor Eric Laurenson and Professor Russell Mein (Monash University).  It is also timely to acknowledge the significant role played by Associate Professor Rory Nathan (SKM/Jacobs/Melbourne University), who has led the ongoing development of RORB over an extended period.  Our intention is to continue to build on the work undertaken by Eric, Russell and Rory.

Users of RORB will notice some slight changes in the way RORBwin and MiRORB are now accessed.  Whilst the code, software and version numbers have not changed, there have been some minor changes to the licence conditions.  We will make every effort to provide ongoing support for RORB users, however there is no formal support arrangement.

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with us at RORB@harconsulting.com.au or on +61 3 9908 2160.