ACT Demand Management Review and Modelling

At its June 2018 meeting, the Basin Ministerial Council agreed to invest over $1.5 billion to improve water efficiency in the Basin, to recover and deliver 450 GL of water for the environment by 2024. In response to this funding opportunity, the ACT Government explored a broad range of strategies for improving its water efficiency and reducing its overall demand.

As part of exploring these options, HARC worked with the ACT Government, applying our industry-leading urban demand modelling capability to explore demand management activities in the ACT and understand the opportunities to deliver long-term water savings.

In exploring demand management options for the ACT, HARC reviewed historical demand management programs in the Territory as well as Australian and international best practice and emerging practices and technologies. Additionally, working with Icon Water, HARC undertook detailed demand modelling for customer segments to understand water use behaviour.

Insights from the review and modelling were used to develop potential demand management options. These options were then subsequently explored with stakeholders and through the application of a multi-criteria assessment developed into a short-list for further consideration and detailed modelling.

Recognising the importance of taking a portfolio approach to demand management programs, the shortlisted options were combined and analysed using a cost-benefit analysis to assist the ACT Government in understanding optimising its investment.