National Performance Report – Review of indicators for national urban water performance reporting

The National Performance Reporting Framework (the Framework) supports commitments made by states and territories, under the National Water Initiative (NWI), to report publicly and independently on the performance of urban water utilities.

Now in its fifteenth year, it has been a valued source of information and data for utilities, regulators and policy makers. Its annual performance reports provide independent analysis and benchmarking of over 80 water utilities and cover:

  •  water resources
  •  financial operations
  •  pricing
  •  regulatory compliance
  •  assets
  •  customers and customer service
  •  environmental performance.

A major review of the Framework (2019), delivered a set of evidence-based, actionable recommendations to support the Framework’s enduring legacy and secure its relevance and value into the future.

Responding to a number of these recommendations, the indicator review has a set of nationally relevant and future-focused themes, outcome areas and reporting metrics that:

  •  reflect the NPR Vision, Objectives and Outcomes
  •  address issues identified in the 2019 review
  •  align with existing jurisdictional reporting frameworks
  •  are future-focused and are adaptable to industry change
  •  support users to produce or derive data using different platforms