Smart Irrigation Management for Parks and Cool Towns (SIMPaCT)

HARC was part of the Award-winning project team and contributed to developing the smart irrigation platform for parks and cool towns (SIMPaCT). Our role was to develop the digital twin as part of the advanced analysis and modelling layer of SIMPaCT for Sydney Olympic Park (SOPA).

SIMPaCT is an innovative approach to urban cooling using smart technology. By leveraging internet technology, sensors, and data analytics, smart irrigation systems can be enhanced to optimise water usage, conserve resources, and enhance the maintenance of parks and public spaces, addressing both social and environmental challenges.

HARC developed a digital twin model of the park, integrating the digital twin into the Senaps platform, linking to the real-time sensor network and forecasting data, and processing the data to forecast irrigation schedules to optimise the irrigation demand and cooling benefits

The project helps to optimise microclimate and water use in summer. The technology is scalable, delivering maximum cooling benefits from plants around buildings and parks anywhere there is enough water to irrigate.