Updated Target Filling Curves for Lake Glenmaggie

The objective of this project was to update the target filling curves for Lake Glenmaggie using contemporary analysis of the available data.

Three sets were derived; one set for a filling date of September 1st, one for September 15th and the other for October 1st. The curves show the target storage level for 10-day intervals between June 1st and the filling date, for different inflow exceedance probabilities. To derive the filling curves, key factors were taken into account such as the pattern of within month flows, consumptive demands, and environmental flow requirements.

The degree to which historic inflows post-1975 are different to pre-1975 was also accounted for. So that the filling curves can be used for operational purposes, a spreadsheet was developed that contains the tabled values for each combination of exceedance probability, assessment date and target fill date.