Version 1.2

‘MiRORB’ is a tool which uses the GIS package MapInfo to generate input data for use with RORB.  RORB is one of Australia’s leading flood hydrograph modelling tools. Developed with the support of Melbourne Water, MiRORB allows the creation of RORB models using the MapInfo GIS environment. RORB model features including subareas, reaches, nodes, and special storages can be drawn interactively within MapInfo, automatically determining reach lengths, reach slopes, catchment areas, and impervious fractions. After drawing the model features, they are then compiled into a fully functional RORB model, ready for immediate use within RORB. The key advantages of MiRORB are:
  • Typographical errors between GIS data and RORB models are eliminated.
  • There is a direct 1-to-1 match between the spatial data and the RORB model, ensuring the model represents the catchment precisely as the user intended.
  • With a single command, a RORB model can be prepared with all new impervious fractions from the GIS source data, allowing very quick comparison of urban development scenarios.
  • A range of tools make it easy to use pre-existing spatial data such as subarea boundaries to develop new RORB models.
To use the tool, you must have MapInfo version 8.5 or later, and RORB version 6.0 or later. The software is licensed for your use free of charge for now upon registration by you with your email address, which is held in our secure database and will be used to provide information on updates and enhancements to the software. Note: there is no formal support provided for the software, but HARC does, as a goodwill gesture, field queries subject to the restrictions set out in the licence to the effect we cannot accept any responsibility for that advice (contact RORB@harc.com.au).

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