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Hi There!

I also have a problem with pre-burst application in version 6.41.

I wish to incorporate the ARR data hub pre-burst depths and so I tick the box ‘Use ARR data hub pre-burst depths’.

Nothing happens so I click on the ‘Edit Pre-burst depths’ button and then the values do appear in a new window as percentages from my data Output file from the ARR. That’s good, but when I click OK nothing appears in the cells in the original window.

Thinking that it might still be ok with ‘Use ARR data hub pre-burst depths’ ticked, I press OK and return to the Design Rainfall Specification Window. I then press OK but then I cannot proceed because two error messages pop up saying ‘Pre-burst temporal pattern not available for 18 hour duration’ and ‘Pre-burst temporal pattern not available for 30 hour duration’

I have checked my datahub output file and it does have preburst depths for 18 hours but admittedly no 30 hour depths. Interestingly, if I just wished to ‘Use default pre-burst patterns’, there are no depths for 18 and 30 hours.

Am I missing something, or using this function incorrectly? Or has anyone experienced a similar issue? I would appreciate any help or insight!