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Matt Scorah

Hi Richa,

It’s a little hard to debug this storm file without the catchment file, but a few things to try:
The hydrograph starts at time 0 and ends at time 11, but 11 readings are supplied. This is a little confusing but the hydrograph data is instantaneous (unlike rainfall, which is rain over each time increment), so under C HYDROGRAPH DATA it should be 0 10
Ensure that your model has 16 subareas in the catchment file
This wouldn’t result in the error you’re getting but I just want to flag that the pluvio temporal pattern you are using (1 in the first increment to 12 in the last increment) is odd – this will apply lots of rainfall at the end of the event, is this intended?

If these don’t help please either upload the .catg / .stm file or send it to the enquiries email address.


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