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Hi RORB Experts,

I used RORB a few years a go during study at uni and was doing some calibration with gauged flows for rural catchment. Now i want to use it again after a few years with version 6.45 which i never used.
I am trying to simulate multiple storms and I’m assuming i have followed and attached the appropriate txt and csv files (still unsure) as im learning, however I can not produce any hydrographs (plot & txt).
One of the error when i click on the plot is “No valid print locations” and also when I click on text, it is not producing any flow in the txt file. I have attached both errors.
Also noticed, although i have downloaded the loss file from HUb and combined with ARF file but RORB still asking me to put the IL & CL manually when it is already stored in the HUB file.
So I am not sure which part of the process is incorrect.
It would be appreciated if you guys advise me to fix these errors.


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