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Peter Campbell

I’m getting a similar error. I’m trying to run RORB with a user defined IDF file. After the Model Parameters (Design Rainfall Specification) window, RORB returns the fatal error message “You will need to fix up the catchment (vector) file before proceeding”. The RORBWin.tmp file says:

Data checks:
Next data to be read & checked:

Catchment name & reach type flag
Control vector & storage data
Code no. 9 7.0 Location read as powerhouse
Sub-area areas
Impervious flag
Initial storm data
Rainfall burst times
Data error: burst times 0 0

I’ve checked the catchment file and can’t find any errors. Looking at the storm file (which RORB generates), I can see that it’s not applying any of the rainfall data from the ifd file, but I don’t know why. I haven’t seen this error before – can anyone tell me how to fix it, or why it’s saying it’s a catchment file error?