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    Hi There,

    I am using RORB 6.43 and want to try the new ‘Extract MC Hydrographs’ feature. However, it seems to only allow you to select one node/location for where you want to hydrographs to be printed. It would be really great if you could print at all the nodes necessary for your Hydraulic Model without having to do a separate RORB run for each of the. Is this possible?

    However, I did try to print at one node, in order to see the results, but the following errors occurred (see image attached). Has someone had a similar experience with this and know what is wrong?



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    Benson Liu

    Hi Patrick,

    We are aware of the error with the Extract MC Hydrographs tool and it will be fixed in the next release of RORB.

    The location you select in the “Select AEP and hydrographs for extraction” window is used to identify the representative event to export hydrographs for (e.g. an event representing an AEP of 1 in 100 at that location). Hydrographs will be exported at all other print nodes for that representative event (e.g. flows coinciding with the 1 in 100 at the location you specified).

    Kind regards,


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