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    Tim Evans

    In relation to Outflow and Inflow reaches, can they relate to each so that the same outflow leaving a node can be set as the inflow into a different node. In my case I have overland flows being directed in one direction and the piped flows (from the same catchment) being directed into a different direction (i.e. major one into an external channel, minor flows into a pipe system)
    I am hoping that by setting Identifier in the Outflow (Definition 1: Formula with Identifier value of 91), that a hydrograph with an ID of 91 is created.
    Extending on the above, I then hope to use an Inflow (Definition 2: Previously Identified Location with Identifier value of 91), that the hydrograph know as 91 will be used for the inflow.

    Please see attached screen captures for outflow and inflow settings

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    Hi Tim – thanks for this great question. Yes, this approach should work as you are expecting. The magnitude of the outflow hydrograph can be defined using either a formula or table approach.

    Tim Evans

    Hi David,
    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    Unfortunately it did not work in the way I was hoping.
    The outflow reach creates the hydrograph as expected, and the Inflow uses this hydrograph as expected.
    Though I was hoping the outflow values produced (D) would be used as the upstream catchment flow (Q). Instead the Q from the outflow reach is also used as the Q for the inflow reach which I suppose in hindsight is expected.

    Essentially, I want to redirect a flow, up to a certain value (i.e. being the assumed pipe capacity) so piped flow goes one direction, remainder of the flow another direction.

    I also tried using a Formula and Table option for the Inflow maintaining the hydrograph identifier assuming it would continue to read the Q for purposes of calculating D (no luck)

    Any suggestions on how this is best handled would be appreciated.


    Tim Evans

    Further to the above, will an Inflow use Formula or Table to calculate D based on a Q from a hydrograph (hydrograph named in the identifier field) ?

    Tim Evans

    Hi All,
    I must apologise, the initial post does perform as expected. The problem was at my end, setting my Q:D relationship on the Outflow link incorrectly.

    I hope this hasn’t caused any inconvenience for anyone and are happy for the forum editors to remove the later posts that could cause confusion.


    Great to hear that you got there in the end! No inconvenience at all – this is exactly why we have the forum. Let us know if any other issues pop up.


    Hi David, I’m trying to model external inflows to a small RORB model, but are having trouble with the format of the inflow file. A couple of questions:
    – can you please confirm the format of the inflow file (when running I get : Data error: insufficient data in data file)? (presumably a csv format with some header lines)
    – I assume the inflow file is best located in the catchment / storm file directory?

    Benson Liu

    Hi JV,

    Currently RORB won’t allow you to input a user defined inflow hydrograph if you are running RORB in ARR 2016 mode. The only way to input a user defined hydrograph is through the storm file in a single run. The error you are getting should be because RORB is looking for the hydrograph in the storm file but can’t find it. The format of the storm file to input hydrographs are detailed in the RORB manual, Table 5.2, Item number 9. There are some example storm files in the manual as well as the SampleData folder that comes with RORB.

    Kind regards,


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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