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    When using User Defined .ifd files, the filenames of the model outputs do not use the event name as defined by the user in the User Defined .ifd file. Instead, output files are labled as “ari1dur1”, “ari1dur2”, etc.

    Additionally, the generic output filenames generated by RORB label the frequency of events using ARI, whilst within the User Defined IFD (.ifd) file the user is asked instead to define event frequency using AEP.

    Can RORB be changed to use the frequency and duration labels as defined by the user?

    Matt Scorah

    Thanks for this, these are good suggestions. At the moment the labeling scheme is based on the index of the design rainfall AEPs and durations (rather than the label), so for now you can get the AEP or duration of the event by looking up your user defined rainfall file. For the next release of RORB we will change this labeling scheme (e.g. using the AEP/duration labels as you suggest).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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