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    James Woolley


    I’m running RORB with ARR 2016/Datahub inputs. I’m including preburst patterns, and have selected
    “Use default pre-burst patterns” and “Use ARR data hub preburst depths” in the “Edit pre-burst” dialogue.

    However, the preburst patterns that end up actually applied to the storm(s) as seen in the .out and .stm files don’t match those shown in the “Edit pre-burst” not only in terms of depth, but also in terms of overall pattern.

    I’ve checked and the pattern doesn’t match for Inland Zone nor Coastal Zone.

    The RORB manual doesn’t have any details regarding preburst application in it unfortunately.

    Are you able to advise what might be happening here?

    Many thanks

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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