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    I am having troubles outputting a rainfall excess hydrograph using the RORB_CMD.exe. I am using storm injector (CSSE) to generate RORB .stm files that have pre-burst rainfall incorporated so are restricted to using the RORB_CMD.exe to run the files.

    There appears to be two ways to generate a rainfall excess hydrograph for a subarea in RORB graphical editor (GUI RORB) that does not work with RORB_CMD.exe:

    1. Generate .csv files – The parameter file used for the RORB_CMD.exe appears to have no option to select for CSV outputs to be produced (even when it would be produced from the CATG when using the GUI RORB).

    2. Set flag 11 for reaches – While this correctly generates a rainfall excess hydrograph any upstream sub-areas when using the GUI version of RORB, when using the RORB_CMD.exe version the following Fortran Error is caused:

    The end of the character variable in an internal file 1/0 statement was detected.
    Error occurs at or near line 2273 of _output_
    Called from or near line 1163 of _model_
    Called from or near line 555 of _rorb_
    Called from or near line 32 of _MAIN__

    Am I doing something wrong with the above methods or is there any other way to generate rainfall excess hydrographs for individual subareas when using the RORB_CMD.exe?




    Thanks for your question JS. There is currently no option available in the RORB_CMD.exe to produce the csv files which can be output using the full Windows version. This is something we may add in at some future stage, but this won’t be available in the short term.

    The code 11 approach that you have described above should work – you have in fact identified a bug in the RORB_CMD.exe. We will have a look into fixing this as a priority, but it would assist if you could please drop me an email at david.stephens@harconsulting.com.au and send me a copy of your catchment file, a storm file and a RORB_CMD.exe parameter file so that we can fully debug the issue.

    Note that we are also currently working on a new version which will include pre-burst rainfall depths and temporal patterns, along with a number of other enhancements. I’m hoping this will be out in July.


    Thanks for the quick reply David. I will send through that email with the catchment file, storm file and the RORB_CMD.exe this morning.




    Just to close this out – we have produced an updated version of RORB_cmd.exe which addresses this bug. This will be released as part of the next RORB version, hopefully in July. Please contact me directly at david.stephens@harconsulting.com.au if you need to access to this bug fix in the short term.


    Hi David,

    Could you advise on a rough timeframe for when the next release of RORB will be available? We were anticipating something in July per above, particularly something which addresses this bug and from what I hear potentially another bug to do with the naming of subarea prints in an out file (RORB calcs vs GE).



    We’re still working on finalising the new version, but at this stage I anticipate public release by October 26th.


    Thanks for the update David, looking forward to it.


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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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