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    Tim Evans

    When running my model I am warned there are some errors and to check the output file (which I assume is the RORBWin.tmp as it contains the heading “RORBWin Output File”. Within this file I have various lines of text but nothing called up as an error unless it is within the Code No’s.

    Do the codes in the below output extract relate to Error Conditions (i.e. Table 7.2 of User Manual) ?
    If yes, Table 7.2 uses codes 1 to 6, I have ones with two digits (e.g. 66) and others beyond 6 (e.g. 71, 86). Could you please direct me on how to decipher what these codes mean so I can check for errors.

    Thanks, Tim

    Extract from RORBWin.tmp file below…….

    Data checks:
    Next data to be read & checked:

    Catchment name & reach type flag
    Control vector & storage data
    Code no. 2 9.0 Location read as Exit RW B
    Code no. 6 9.0 Location read as Exit RW E
    Code no. 12 9.0 Location read as Exit RW H
    Code no. 17 9.0 Location read as Exit RW K
    Code no. 22 9.0 Location read as Exit Flows E8b
    Code no. 62 7.0 Location read as U/S Basin Storage
    Code no. 63 16.0
    Code no. 66 9.0 Location read as Exit Flows E8a
    Code no. 71 9.0 Location read as Exit Flows E5
    Code no. 86 7.0 Location read as Outlet LPD
    Sub-area areas
    Impervious flag
    Fractions impervious
    Initial storm data
    Rainfall burst times
    Pluviograph 1
    Sub-area rainfalls

    Data check completed

    Matt Scorah

    Hi Tim,

    The RORBWin.tmp file is separate to the output file, and typically does not contain any useful diagnostic information. You will need to look at the output file to figure out what is going wrong. The output file has the suffix “.out” – the location of this file depends on how you’ve set up your model but some common locations include the same folder as either the .catg file or the parameter file.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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